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Commercial design

Tel Aviv, Israel 

800 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

Salto By Kfir Ziv_022
Salto By Kfir Ziv_027
Salto By Kfir Ziv_045
Salto By Kfir Ziv_141
Salto By Kfir Ziv_152
Salto By Kfir Ziv_158
Salto By Kfir Ziv_163
Salto By Kfir Ziv_243
Salto By Kfir Ziv_212
Salto By Kfir Ziv_200
Salto By Kfir Ziv_199
Salto By Kfir Ziv_193
Salto By Kfir Ziv_187
Salto By Kfir Ziv_128
Salto By Kfir Ziv_239
Salto By Kfir Ziv_160

"Creating a balance between concealment and revelation"

The word 'Salto' in Italian means Jump. Our studio took the meaning of the name along with the company's logo and this constituted the bases to the concept of this project. The logo consists of a dot and an abstract shape that when connected they create a jumping figure. This dot developed and became a pattern changing throughout the corridors. We used this dot in a varied range of scales, and this tells the story of both the company and their space. The scale also allowed a balanced game between concealment and revelation. Part of the brief consisted of a request that even the open space seaters receive a yard of their own, a transparent cell, allowing communication yet privacy.

Although a future growth is near both our studio and the client insisted that the space feels cozy, intimate and home like. And yet timeless, clean and precise. And so we payed specific attention to the choices of materials, furniture and colour palette all in context and serving the functionality of the space.


The human eye and vision is one of our main senses. And the textures and patterns created by different scales of circles reveal the dream coming to life within this unique, one of a kind office space.

Design team : Shirli Zamir, Nitzan Ovadia 

Photography: Kfir Ziv 

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