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Commercial design

Bnei Brak Israel

800 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

Peled Studios - Orshay_-136-HDR copy.jpg
Peled Studios - Orshay_-180 copy 2
Peled Studios - Orshay_-160-HDR copy
Peled Studios - Orshay_-136-HDR copy 2

Emphasizing the contrasts

Orshay is one of the leading and oldest companies providing credit to business. They offer services in the field of credit with the aim of serving as a growth engine for businesses.

The mood we sort to create for this space was inspired by an interest in the relationship between refined elements contrasted with natural and raw materials. This was further developed through the exploration of the ideal proportions between warm and cool materials, creating harmony through complimentary opposites. 

One of the prominent contrasts can be seen in the highly textured reclaimed hardwood floor which carries a rich character juxtaposed with a cool tone resilient floor. 

Additional contrast is created through the exposed ceiling in the public areas revealing the systems and services adjacent the suspended ceiling inside the private offices.

The end result is a harmonious space, inviting and multi layered reflecting the client’s ambition and the shared vision we had for this unique project.

Design team : Shirli Zamir, Estee Machluf

Photography: Yoav Peled - Peled Studios

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