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Commercial design

Tel aviv , Israel 

1200 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

"Ratio between mass and space"


"INFIBOND" is a software company that has developed algorithms that enable precise decoding of user behavior and streamlining decision-making processes. The algorithms combine AI with life sciences, resulting in an understanding of each individual's thinking and thinking patterns through automatic and very fast processes.

INFI is unique in that it analyses each user’s behavioral pattern individually and not statistically, reflecting the specific user's behavior accurately in the digital world.

At the beginning of the design concept building, it was clear that the concept of the project had to be one of a kind. One that "plays" with the human's eye and vision, brain and understanding – just like the aims of the company.

The idea was creating a workspace that asks questions about the thin border that differs reality from imagination, human brain and technology and finding how all these connect and are brought through the space itself. We searched for the correct dosages of the use of both volume, line and void that will define the space. At times the space was defined by the light and mirror partitions, creating a sensational experience.

The project raises conceptual ideas such as elements out of their context & illusions, the constant battle between material and its void that by placing them correctly, define each other. We wanted the project to have rules, visions, and a life of its own. A fascinating world inside our universe.

We created open booth sitting area in the kitchen which was designed precisely and accurately like a piece of jewelry. The furniture chosen is both innovative yet down to earth.

The concept, the materials and all of the carpentry helped us create the dream. A world inside a world. 

Design team : Shirli Zamir,   Ayelet Goren 

Photography: Kfir Ziv 

Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_037
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_222
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_1391
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_196
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_204
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_199
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_187
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_163
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_048
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_056
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_085
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_095
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_159
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_149
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_103
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_067
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_015
Shirli Zamir by Kfir Ziv_065
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