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Fiverr Lobby


Commercial design

Tel Aviv, Israel

300 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio


"Old and new"

Fiverr is an Israeli online marketplace for freelance services. It is located in Tel Aviv’s Beit Ha’ikarim – an historical building listed for conservation.

The design Focuses on the building’s lobby.

The main intention was to create a hospitable space which welcomes you and makes you feel as if it were a home, while telling you the story of an old preserved building and its integration within a new design.

Right at the beginning of the concept building, it was clear that the design has to pay tribute to the building’s original materials. And so, we used the original red floor which formed a perfect substrate for our new design. Also the windows and untouched walls were blended harmoniously.

We used white bricks as a reminiscent of the bricks from years gone by, and placed a modern wooden wall and black steel modern library next to it to emphasize the contrasts between the old and new.

The space consists of Comfortable seating areas which aims to cause passers-by

sit and relax In between the daily routine.

Design team : Shirli Zamir, Ayelet Goren Cohen

Photography: Yoav Peled - Peled Studios

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