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Commercial design

TLV, Israel

410 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

Peled Studios - Elgarissy_-69-HDR copy.jpg
Peled Studios - Elgarissy_-69-HDR copy
Peled Studios - Elgarissy_-34-HDR copy
Peled Studios - Elgarissy_-200-HDR copy
Peled Studios - Elgarissy_-142-HDR copy
Peled Studios - Elgarissy_-87-HDR copy
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Emphasizing the materials

Elgarissy & Co is a boutique firm, which provides various unique financial services.

Elegance and timelessness are the values that led to the development of design and architectural language for the space.

We were able to create a sophisticated connection between the public and the private. We preserved the height of the given space while at the same time creating warmth and intimacy.

At the beginning of the design planning, it was clear to us that the clients wanted an inviting and pleasant place yet contemporary and up to date. And so, it was important to find the correct materials that will emphasize the contrasts and remain relevant at all times such as steel, wood, and concrete.

The clients wanted a different design from the world of conventional finance spaces they've known so far.

We added greenery into the open space and by that we revived the space.

The floor plan includes a large dining space that can accommodate all employees at once, allowing conference events to integrate seamlessly as needed, and function as an anchor of the company.

Design team : Shirli Zamir, Sharon Sapan

Photography: Yoav Peled - Peled Studios

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