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Commercial design

TLV, Israel

4500 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

Peled Studios - Earnix_-490-HDR copy.jpg

Between modular and personal

Earnix provides advanced insurance software, banking analytics and customer analytics software designed for the financial services industry.

The design of the three floors emphasizes the separation between the public and the private, while modular planning allows flexibility for the companies growth. The modularity is expressed in a variety of ways; by facades, semi-private yards and the ability to adjust to planning changes and growth in the future. Right at the beginning of the project it was clear to us that the design of the yards should be guided by the values of openness and transparency which creates continuity in the space.

The transparency brings in natural light and creats a pleasant and intimate work environment. We chose a variety of natural and bright materials alongside elegant colorfulness and textures, creating an harmonic space that consists a right dose of contrasts.
The office plan also offers ample quiet work-areas, one-on-one focus rooms, informal collaboration areas, and formal conference rooms.

Design team : Shirli Zamir, Sharon Sapan 

Photography:  Peled studios 

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