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Commercial design

Herzliya Pituach , Israel 

500 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

"My Home, My Office"

"Dojo" is an Israeli start-up company purchased in 2017 by "Bullguard". Today’s home network looks like a small business network, as the modern smart home is connected to over dozens of devices, such as thermostats, TVs, light switches, alarm systems, etc.

While the smart home is a marvelous invention, designed to make daily digital life even easier, hackers are attacking home networks and consumer devices, introducing numerous cybersecurity risks.

Dojo-labs was established to try and supply cyber protection for networks applied for smart-homes.


The company not only develops a software for protecting the private home, but also wants to be a home for the workers. Therefore, our main aim here was to plan and create a space that flows and feels like home. We also took into account that both the company and workers are young, and we incorporated beautiful work of art done by a young local graffiti artist on the office walls.


The language and materials of the projects are very much like the product. It is straightforward, protecting, cozy and smart. The materials are raw and simple. Entering the space people are welcomed to the waiting area, living room like furnished. Followed by an inviting cafeteria and a large shelving made from wood, like you would expect to see in a warm living room.


It was important for us that each worker has their own space. Even while sitting in an open space area, each worker has several shelves of their own, gathering together to a beautiful separating furniture.

Design team : Shirli Zamir,   Ayelet Goren 

Photography: Kfir Ziv 

BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_235
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_231
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BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_347
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_355
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_319
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_303
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_261
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_370
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_274wix
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_395
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_308
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_284
BULLGUARD by Kfir Ziv_393
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