Commercial design

Tel Aviv, Israel 

2,800 sqm

Shirli Zamir

by Setter Architects


Photography: Uzi Porat

We innovate

A special feature of the new development center is to take advantage of the magnificent 360° surrounding city view of the beautiful modern Tel Aviv. With that in mind, the space was designed for all employees to enjoy the views from every corner of the office space. 
As befits a company professionally engaged in 3-D, a sense of a three dimensional space is incorporated into the design of the masterfully angled conference room and an interconnecting stairwell with visually striking three-dimensional concrete wall. 
The office plan offers ample quiet work-areas, informal collaboration areas, and formal conference rooms, which also serve as a visual and acoustic barriers in the transition from public spaces and work areas.

design with love by Lidor Perez


47 Kohvan St. Hod Hasharon, Israel | + (972) 52-2398010 | |

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Shirli Zamir design studio