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Commercial Design  

Tel Aviv

800 sqm

Studio Shirli Zamir

Photography: Kfir Ziv

Create a Balance

The brief received by the clients was that they wanted the space to feel welcoming and up to date. They wanted the offices to become home to the workers and for them to feel that both the floor plan and materials all create a warm and sophisticated feeling. In addition, part of the brief was that we need to take into account the systems on site, which we mostly had to keep untouched, preserving what was already there and making the minimum amount of changes.


Right at the beginning of the project it was clear that it is necessary to create a precise balance between the warm raw materials and the cold new materials. Along with the raw materials such as old wood, there are concrete walls, and touches of color all together merging and flattering each other. The use of the wooden parquet floor also brought a cozy feeling to the work space.


The office plan offers open-space work desks, informal collaboration areas, formal conference room, a mothers' room, and a café and kitchen area.

Design team : Shirli Zamir,   Nitzan Ovadia

Photography: Kfir Ziv 

Shirli Zamir By Kfir Ziv_ (21)
Alibaba Group By Kfir Zi222v2
Alibaba Group By Kfir Ziv68658
Alibaba Group By Kfir Ziv5
Alibaba Group By Kfir Ziv1bcfg4
Alibaba Group By Kfir Zi222v2
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