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Commercial design

Tel aviv , Israel 

1000 Sqm

By Shirli Zamir 

Design Studio

"We tell the story of the local environment"


2B Hub is a co-working space renting offices located in Shoken Street - Tel Aviv, Israel.

Shoken street is located in the southern area of Tel Aviv. It is considered a diverse, colorful and busy area. As a whole, we take the environment into consideration in every project. However here specifically it was crucial in our concept building stage.

2B Hub is a home for the IMPACT communities in Israel. The idea of 2B Hub was first born with the desire to create a company and space that will encourage significant investments in the local IMPACT market. The new offices will become a home to many social funding companies.

Right at the beginning of the project, the brief we received was that 2B Hub wants a place that communicates with its location, respects the environment and talks recycle, local and fresh.  The main concept of the project was to create a clear and bold relation between the inside of the project and the geographic location around it, and our aim was to create a sophisticated interpretation to the outside. We used raw, recycled and local materials. In order to further emphasize the diversity explained, we constantly searched for the precise dosage on the range of contrasts. New and old, raw and processed, rough and smooth, black and white.

Design team : Shirli Zamir,   Ayelet Goren 

Photography: Kfir Ziv 

2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_008
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_071
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_052
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_018
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_105
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_063
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_099
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_032
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_01458
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_115
2B HUB By Kfir Ziv_086
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